Understanding What Makes a Good Work Environment

What is an ideal work environment? Answer to this question may be very subjective. An ideal environment of a person may not be very comfortable for others because of different people who come from different backgrounds, ethnic races; languages, faiths, political views and most importantly have different psychological behaviors. So what kind of environment can an employer provide to employees which doesn’t make the environment alien for them and eventually getting the best out of employees without having them to leave there comfort zone. This will make employees more focused on work rather than the issues caused due to work environment.Development of a professional working environment should be an evolutionary process. It is not just about the bookish human recourse management methodologies rather it should be based on problems and concerns of employees at the organization in real terms. By doing this employer will be able to develop realistic, practical and employee friendly methodologies which may eventually lead to better work environment for the mutual benefit of the employer and the employee.Following are the key factors of a good work environment.- The work environment should be based on adaptability rather than an inflexible set of policies which may not be that effective so that if an employee joins a new work place he should get accustomed to it quickly to perform to his/her potential for the reason he/she was hired.- All the employees should be considered at the same level when it comes to policies, this can make a huge impact on morale and performance of a worker who is a victim of discrimination.- Even a smallest bit of harassment of any kind should be avoided.- Relationship between employee and employer should be of such a kind that employee gets a feeling that employer cares for its workers.- Employer should try and make life easier for him if the employee is having problems getting along with the environment and keeping up with the organizations expectations.- Expectations from employee should be realistic so that the employee works in a pressure free environment and delivers tasks timely and up to the standard and quality.- It should be made sure that life-work balance is maintained and employee is not having problems keeping the balance due to his official commitments.- Employee should feel a part of the company. Not just a working machine which times in at 9 in the morning and times out at 5 in the evening and whole day long he is thinking about when this miserable day is going to end.Professional and friendly work environment plays an important role in order to make long term working relationships with people and for employee-retention as employers don’t want to lose recourse on which employer has invested a lot in terms of time and money. So there should be a focus on developing and maintaining such an environment for betterment of organization as a whole.