Clinical/Medical Assistant – Ensure the Smooth Functioning of a Health Care Practice

Clinical/ Medical Assistants are multi-skilled health care professionals who offer clinical, administrative and technical support to health practitioners in order to ensure the smooth running of their offices. However, their specific duties depend upon several factors such as location and size of the practice, as well as their education and training.Medical Assistants working in a small practice usually perform a wide variety of tasks and report directly to the physician or office manager; those working in a larger practice perform more specialized tasks under the direct supervision of a department administrator. Their administrative duties include scheduling appointments for patients, greeting patients, answering phone calls, updating and filing patient’s medical records, filling out insurance forms for patients, and handling billing and bookkeeping.The clinical duties of a medical helper depend upon the laws in the state they wish to practice in, which can vary quite greatly. Their tasks may include recording medical history of a patient, taking certain vital signs and preparing patients for medical exams, x-rays, electrocardiograms and so on. Additionally, they collect lab specimens and perform some basic laboratory tests; they sterilize medical equipment and dispose of contaminated supplies. A medical helper may guide patients about the physician’s directions regarding medication and specified diet plan. They may also remove sutures, and change the dressings of a patient.In larger practices, medical worker perform more specialized tasks such as that of an ophthalmic medical assistant, optometric assistant, and podiatric medical assistants. They provide assistance to ophthalmologists, optometrists, and podiatrists in their tasks, respectively.A large percentage of medical helper work in physicians offices; some work in private and public hospitals, while the rest work in other health care environments such as outpatient care centers, and nursing and residential care facilities.Medical support training programs are offered in vocational schools, community colleges and career schools. Programs are usually one year long, resulting in a certificate or diploma, or a two-year program resulting in an associate degree.Students pursuing a medical assistant training program will typically learn about laboratory techniques, clinical and diagnostic procedures, and pharmaceutical principles, administration of medications, first aid, office practices, patient relations, medical law, and ethics. The coursework also covers anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, transcription, accounting, record keeping and insurance processing.According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical help is expected to increase by 34 percent from 2008 to 2018. With advancements in the medical technology and the increasing aging of the population, the demand for medical support and health care services can only rise.

Advance Health Care Directives Give Relief in Difficult Times

Bill, a strong, active and spirited man in his late 60’s, was heading home after attending a family function. Suddenly his car was struck on his door by another car that had run the red light. Bill immediately lost consciousness. He was transported in ambulance to the hospital. Lucy, his older daughter was notified by the Police. Bill was in critical condition.Fortunately, three years ago, right after losing his wife, Bill had pre-planned for a time such like this. He had contacted the family attorney and had asked of him to prepare his Advance Health Care Directives (AHCD). In that document, Bill had named Lucy, his next of kin, his Health Care Surrogate.Commonly know as a “Living Will”, the AHCD is a legal document in which you state your medical preferences in case you become incapacitated or unable to speak, because of any illness, accident or medical condition. Do you want your life to be prolonged by artificial means? If so, to what extend and by what means? Do you want to receive blood transfusions, respiratory support or cardiac resuscitation?And, what if you become unable to speak, how are you going to communicate your preferences to your medical providers?This is when an AHCD comes into play. In an AHCD not only do you express your health care wishes but also you will appoint someone with power of attorney to make care and treatment decisions on your behalf. You will provide instructions for everything you have a concern for, regarding your health care. This document will speak for you when you are unable to communicate these decisions yourself. Your medical surrogate will act as your agent. This person will voice your decisions.This is how an Advance Health Care Directive works. Before having your attorney draft your AHCD you should contact the person that you have in mind to serve as your medical surrogate. You must communicate to this person that you wish him or her to act as your agent and represent you in case of a medical emergency or situation that could result in your inability to communicate. Talk to this person about what your preferences are in regard to your health care decisions. This would include special treatment you want at the end of life, your desire for surgical procedures and organ donation, for example.You should obtain this persons acceptance before making the appointment in writing. You should do the same with a second individual. This individual will be your alternate surrogate, that is, she or he will represent you before your medical providers, in case the first one is unavailable to take charge. You will then ask your attorney to prepare the form, according to your instructions. Or, you can prepare the form yourself, by getting a model on line from an expert in the field. You should give copies of your AHCD to each person named in it as your agent, to your primary care physician and keep your original in a safe place.When choosing who you are going to designate as your medical surrogate, you should consider that person’s proximity to the area where you reside, to the hospitals in your neighborhood and to your medical providers’ facilities. You should take into consideration that person’s relationship to you and how much you can rely on him or her to take this responsibility. After all, this will be the person that will consent or refuse to any care, diagnostic and treatment medical service offered to address any physical or mental condition from which you might be suffering.The the Police contacted her, Lucy pulled a copy of her father’s AHCD in her home’s safe and went directly to the Emergency Room. She identified who she was and presented the document to the nurses at the station. The nurses made copies of the document, took note of Lucy’s contact information and filed Bill’s AHCD in his medical chart. Every time that a nurse or a doctor opened Bill’s chart, there was his AHCD.Bill had six broken ribs and some lacerations in his face and abdomen. He became conscious after the effect of sedatives. Lucy had fallen asleep on his beside. She had been able to get some rest, knowing that everything would be taken care of the exact same way his father had wished.Consider your options early on and ensure the quality of life that is important to you later. This helps you avoid having your loved ones having to decide critical decisions under stress or in times of emotional turmoil.

Gambling Legality Basics

The gambling scene in America can be traced back to centuries. Gambling has remained to be a part of the American dream life ever since the inception of lotteries in New Hampshire. The history of American gambling can be broadly classified in two. One relating to the games which come from the legacy of the Indian tribes who used to play some recreational games for amusement to monetary exchange .Millions of dollars exchange hands at the gambling tables and it is a major source of revenue for more then half of US states. Internet has played an important role in popularizing gaming and making it reach the deepest of the people. Casinos, which can be seen over half of America, are the main centers for gambling in America. They are making a lot of money and the business is seen to be a prospective venture. States which are minting money out of gambling are becoming a source of inspiration for the others to follow. Thus it can be said that gambling in casinos is now not confined to Las Vegas Nevada. Gambling is present all over America and is steadily on the rise.The holistic approach to maximize out of gambling has given rise to complete townships that cater to the needs of the gamers. Now the cities are coming up with a complete set up casinos, entertainment parks, luxurious hotels, fabulous restaurants and many other peripherals to make them complete. These are the most sought after destinations of the avid and new both types of gamblers.A gaming commission set up in each state regulates this business and thus there is a eye watching them. But gambling has found its way bye-passing the rule of law. Charitable gambling is common place and is at equal level with the conventional gambling. Every city once in a while organizes a raffle or any bingo event. The charitable boards and commissions take care that the charitable gaming organisations do not loose their track and stick to their purpose.But internet gambling or technically called as “off shore” gambling is taking big strides in America. Although the US justice department has pronounced as an offence but there is no explicit action that lies against the offenders. The internet gambling is a worse form of gambling as it has its reach in to the deepest of territory. The addicted gamblers find easy access to the gambling sites. The law also cannot take a firm stand as there is no law governing such misuse of gambling as of now. There are severe researches going around the country to find the economic and social impact of gambling. The law needs to be codified and has to be brought within the framework of the legislation.The gamblers and the gambling promotional companies have come up with cruise gambling. It is a two way beneficial method for the gamblers. First of all it attracts much higher number of people due to the extra special features of such tours. Secondly it takes the scene of gambling in to the waters of the country. This has made it difficult for the legislators to make a complete law on this issue.Having set many commissions and boards to monitor gambling, the governments is trying to do the best it can. But as long as it is fetching revenues to the states gambling is here to stay in America.